Well friends, snowmobile season has officially come to an end. It was an interesting snow year for Montana, and for perhaps most of the states across the country. Although we didn’t have as much snow as we wanted, we did have a GREAT season touring. Whether clients rented trail sleds or mountain sleds, we saw giant smiles on faces every single day.

How is this possible? Let’s take a minute to honor all the aspects that allow our small business to thrive, even during what locals would call a ‘crap winter’. We use another term, but I digress.

VINNY Cousin Vinny


If you haven’t had the privilege of meeting our guides, let’s just say there is an array of personality, adventure, and back story to each one of these amazing people.

Nathan has spent decades in the wilderness here and has, hands down, the BEST stories. Hang with him for a drink by the fire (at the end of the day) and ask him about his hunting expeditions or bear encounters.

Vinny is the opposite of quiet and probably wearing an inappropriate T-shirt or pajamas under his snowsuit and knows exactly how to show every single person a good time. He is a fearless leader in the backcountry and a treat to trail ride with.

Maggie is a witty, fun, adventurous woman who probably has more travels under her belt than most. Ask her how she spends her summers and where she’s headed next! She’s also a fantastic trail guide who will push your sled up the mountain if a belt breaks.

Hatter (Mike) is a secret weapon of intelligence about an array of topics (seriously, ask this guy about anything in life and he will tell you something you don’t know) and is an excellent backcountry and trail guide.

Scotty is a born guide, both on the trail and off, and can point out historical markers just about anywhere in the valley. He’s a very enjoyable, jolly yet particular man, that is sure to entertain with his stories and knowledge of the area.

Kevin is a fun, wonderful trail guide who left his previous position to be outside, doing what he loves, and we LOVE that. Ask him about it. He’s also the guy who is going to go above and beyond in any situation, just because it’s the right thing to do.

Dan and Austin are super knowledgeable about everything snowmobile related and talented back country guides that will take locals to places they didn’t even know existed! However, you need to be an advanced rider to accompany these crazy cats. For the rest of us, let’s just tune into their weekly podcast, Life in the 406, and learn what we can from them.


The terrain is all part of the beautiful Stillwater State Forest. Snow covered tree lined trails and open meadows. Beautiful views of surrounding lakes on a clear day and gorgeous views of snow ghosts on a snowy day.

As if it couldn’t get any better, we are located at the trailhead. Park and ride up the mountain…and the farther up you go, the better the snow – always.



There are loops and trails galore to keep any trail rider entertained.

Our trail guides almost always take our clients to a seriously cool yurt about 14 miles up the mountain to warm up by the wood stove with a cup of hot chocolate or cider. For full day adventures, we recommend reserving some hot lunches and your guide will grill for your crew at our yurt while you warm up and enjoy the scenery.

Mountain Sledding

For all the advanced mountain sledders out there, who would rather be playing in deep powder, our exceptional guides always know where to take clients to find the hidden powder patches. Book a guide and request Vinny, Hatter, Austin, or Dan.

If this is your jam, we recommend bringing Avalanche gear or calling ahead to reserve equipment as we have a few sets but are limited.


The Store

Travelling and need to rent gear? We have it all.

Hungry? We have a full kitchen for custom lunch or breakfast orders as well as a hot case with breakfast sandwiches, prepared cold-cut sandwiches, and weekend specials. Local tip: ask for Mandi’s biscuits and gravy, only available during weekends!

We also have a full store of snacks, beverages and other odds and ends.

HUGE shout out to Mandi, who works hard to keep everything running smoothly juggling both food orders and snowmobile reservations simultaneously! She’s our rockstar.


Winter’s Over

Thank you to everyone who has come out to adventure with us. If we didn’t see you this year, come visit us next season! Ciao winter.

*Currently, we are busy getting ready for summer UTV rentals. Call or book online to reserve!